Michelle's Artistic Corner

Celebrating Creativity – Connecting with Community! "She worketh willingly with her hands" (Proverbs 31:13)

Who am I? March 11, 2010

My name is Michelle Ledesma. My nickname is Mac. I answer to both, but prefer to be called Mac. “Michelle’s Artistic Corner” is a play on Mac. A fun acronym for me to use here! It makes me giggle. My mother, who gave me my nickname, would tell you that when I was a small child I couldn’t say “monkey”, but I could say “Mackey”. Mackey became Mac…it stuck. For years, as a child, I didn’t like my nickname, and I’m not even sure why. Now, as an adult, I embrace it with all my heart. It’s a name that was given out of love. It makes me feel close to my mom, my family, and friends. My nickname makes me feel special, and unique.

The purpose of Michelle’s Artistic Corner is to have a place to celebrate creativity in many forms. It’s here that I am able to share my creative interests in sewing, quilting, photography, and other handmade art. But more importantly it’s a place to be in touch with others with similar interests, a place to share our creative experiences.

I’m thrilled to be making time for creativity in my life. My hope is to inspire you to do the same. Best of all, I’m meeting some truly wonderful, caring, and creative people through this blogging process. It’s amazing!



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