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There’s No Business Like SHOW Business May 2, 2010

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Each year the local quilting guilds near my home take a turn hosting an annual quilting show. This year’s show was hosted by the Camarillo Quilting Association, and held at the fairgrounds in Ventura, CA. These local shows are just the right size to tide a quilter over between big conferences each year. There’s just something so soothing about being able to run your hands through piles of fabric, and baskets of buttons! And of course there’s nothing more inspiring than another quilter’s hard work hanging in the halls. Here are a few pictures of my favorites from the day.

I leave you with this thought:
A Quilters Prayer:


Hippos, Elephants and Zebras Oh My! Part II March 31, 2010

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Not long ago I showed you the tote I made with the Hippos, Elephants and Zebras fabric. Last time the hippos were green. This time the hippos are red, which means nothing because this tote went to the daughter who likes elephants, and the elephants are gray. Thankfully she likes red, too, so it worked. Did you get all that? There’s a quiz shortly, so study up!

Making these tote bags has been fun, and easy. I’m so excited about creating a tote pattern! Did I tell you that I’m working on designing a tote pattern for sewing? The pattern still needs some tweaking, but as soon as it’s finished you’ll be the first to know. In fact there is some new fabric stacked on my sewing table calling out to me. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it, the colors are so rich. And the print was designed by Thomas Kinkade. Next week I’ll have to give you a sneak peek. Time to get back to my sewin’! I see more totes in my future. What creative endeavours are in your future?


Button Button Who’s Got The Button? March 22, 2010

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Isn’t this button pincushion cute?! I hand-stitched it together today, finally! I feel kinda sheepish because my quilting buddy, Kelley, asked me to make it for her a couple of months ago. Sorry it took so long Kelley! Hope you like it.

I wanted to take pictures of the cut out pattern pieces, along with pictures of each step as I made the pincushion. However, after some thought, I decided not to take step-by-step photos. It didn’t seem fair to the gal who designed the pattern for the Button Pincushion. If you just have to have this adorable pincushion pattern go visit Debbie Busby at her on-line shop.

I added a little flower charm to the pincushion, just for Kelley. It was the least I could do after taking so long.


Update on “Fields of Flowers” quilt March 13, 2010

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Slowly but surely I’m making progress with my quilt. As you know the front of the quilt is ready to go. My next step was to cut and sew together the fabric I’m using for my binding.

The fabric I’ll be using for the borders, and the fabric I’ll be using for the back have been washed. Now I need to iron them, then set up the “sandwich”. I’ve been reading a lot of instructions. Watching a lot of tutorials from YouTube, too. I’ll keep you posted. Wish me luck!


I Feel Pretty….Oh So Pretty March 10, 2010

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Here’s where I started

Here’s where I am now

Can you see where I had to change yarns? I ran out! The original skein of yarn was purchased about 3 years ago. Needless to say I couldn’t find it in the stores now – different dye lots. Oh well, I went out and got something close. This scarf is practice, and for me. I’m committed to finishing a project. It’s important to me. I’m thrilled with how full this scarf is turning out to be. I’ll be a pro at this knit stitch! Moving on to the purl stitch soon. Have you done any knitting today?


Hippos and Elephants and Zebras, OH MY! February 28, 2010

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OH! Hooray! Got this treasure finished up yesterday!

Months ago there was a small local quilting show in my hometown. One of our two daughters was able to join me. We had scads of fun rummaging through mounds of fabric! Imagine our delight when we came across a sweet pattern made up of Hippos and Elephants! Why such delight? Well, because each member in our family is identified by their favorite animal.

(This Photo was taken by Brienne Michelle Photography)

See what I mean. Daughters = Hippos and Elephants….we’re a strange bunch.
You can just imagine our delight when we found fabric with Hippos AND Elephants on it. Okay, so there are zebras, too. Don’t tell the zebra, but we sort of just overlook that fact that they are there. Sorry little zebra. It isn’t the stripes, I promise.
It took me a while to figure out what I was going to make each daughter with the fabric, but I figured it out.

Below you’ll see my little “signature”. Each piece of work I make has a little something to make it unique. Love is, after all, in the details. 😉


Knit One, Purl ?

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Guess what else I did last week? That’s right, I (re)learned how to knit! Woo-Hoo!!
Years ago I learned how to knit, but it had been so very long since I had pulled out the yarn & needles that I couldn’t remember how. Let me tell ya it’s not like riding a bike. Thankfully, my friend Kelley (aka my quilting buddy) is an excellent knitter! She is also now my knitting teacher/mentor. What a gal! She had me casting on and off in no time.
For now I’m perfecting my “knit” stitch (do we knitters call them stitches?). Here’s the scarf I was able to finally finish after it had been rolled up in ball for
who-knows-how-long….the scarf knows, but I’m afraid to ask it.

Here’s a picture of the scarf I’m working on now. Boy, I’m going to be really good at that Knit stitch when I’m done!

I’ll have to start workin’ on that Purl stitch soon.