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It Isn’t Easy Being Green….or is it? March 13, 2010

Over time I hope to share the creative endeavors of many artists with you here in the Artistic Corner. Today I’d like to introduce you to the work of Jenifer Francis, owner of “Cherry Tree Threads“. Jen also just happens to be one of my daughters! She made the jewelry in the photos below. This past January, at “The Road to California” Quilt Show and Conference, I purchased a group of vintage glass beads. Let’s just say I fell in loooooooove.

All I knew, when I saw the beads, was that I had to have them! After bringing them home I gave them to Jen and asked her to create something for me. And she did!

Wow! All I had in mind was one long necklace, but I got two necklaces, a bracelet, and earrings! Having all those options is wonderful. I can wear both necklaces together or just one of them – I’ve done both. Sometimes I just wear the earrings, sometimes just the bracelet. It’s been so much fun to have options. Thanks for being so creative Jen!


On The Road Again February 27, 2010

Hubby and I headed out on the open road for a few days. It was time to be with friends, and I needed a good dose of quilting time with my quilting buddy, Kelley! Before we got serious about quilting, we had to scoot out and have a little fun!
If you look closely you can see where in the world we are. Love that gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge (hint, hint).

Yes, San Francisco! Just so happens that the brand new Disney Family Museum is there. We had to go! Kelley has a founding membership. She was kind enough to take us. We have some generous friends!

This museum is beautifully done. Old brick buildings are so romantic, aren’t they? Love them. There is no photography allowed inside the museum, so you’ll have to go for yourself to take a peek. Loads of pictures through the years of the Disney family throughout the museum. Lots and lots of interactive areas, too. And tons of history of the Disney family, Walt Disney, and the Walt Disney Studios. If you have the opportunity to go I highly recommend it.

We spent a couple of hours in the museum….can you tell we enjoyed being there?
After such a delightful afternoon what could friends have done to make us even happier? China Town for dinner! It was time to go meet up with Kelley’s husband, Mel.

We found him!

You can’t help but have a good time with such jolly friends!
Here’s what we had for dinner…………………

Peking Duck! This was soooooooo yummy. In my version of heaven I eat Pecking Duck everyday. Okay, maybe every other day, but it’s there!! We were so busy eating duck that we forgot to take pictures of the rest of dinner. Sorry. Forgive us.
Want to see what we had for dessert?

Sesame Balls! This, too, will be in heaven! Perhaps on the day when Peking Duck isn’t being served. The goodness and happiness has to be spread out a bit, but only a bit.

Yes, heaven.
Here’s a little more of what we saw.

What a wonderful day!
And to be fair….hubby had the camera this day. The photos of the museum and China Town are all his photos. Great job honey! Thanks for helpin’ me out.