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Button Button Who’s Got The Button? March 22, 2010

Filed under: On Pins & Needles! — Mac @ 8:11 PM

Isn’t this button pincushion cute?! I hand-stitched it together today, finally! I feel kinda sheepish because my quilting buddy, Kelley, asked me to make it for her a couple of months ago. Sorry it took so long Kelley! Hope you like it.

I wanted to take pictures of the cut out pattern pieces, along with pictures of each step as I made the pincushion. However, after some thought, I decided not to take step-by-step photos. It didn’t seem fair to the gal who designed the pattern for the Button Pincushion. If you just have to have this adorable pincushion pattern go visit Debbie Busby at her on-line shop.

I added a little flower charm to the pincushion, just for Kelley. It was the least I could do after taking so long.


One Response to “Button Button Who’s Got The Button?”

  1. Jen Says:

    Turned out great!!!! Kelly is going to love it!

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