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Crazy February 27, 2010

Filed under: On Pins & Needles! — Mac @ 11:30 PM

Finally moving forward with my crazy quilt! “Crazy Quilt” is one of my favorite patterns. Not that I’ve used many patterns. I like this pattern because it is very forgiving, just what we beginners need. There are 28 blocks in my quilt. There should have/could have been more, but this project got started just before I relocated about 3 years ago. I need to move on. Crazy quilts don’t need to take 3 years to make. I’m just easily distracted by other projects, and shiny baubles. Darn those shiny baubles! Decided to go long and narrow with this one. The borders will help widen it out, but frankly I’m happy with it being “long”, or rectangle shaped, rather than “square”. I wonder if I’ll be starting a quilting riot? I’m such a renegade!
Here’s a picture of one of the blocks before it was pieced into the front of the quilt.

There are 9 pieces that are sewn together to make up each “block”. The fabrics are all flannel. Each block was sewn together, or “pieced” together to make up the front of the quilt.

Finally! Now on to setting up the back and borders. Hope to have this quilt done SOON. I’ll keep you posted.


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