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Feline Friends February 4, 2010

Filed under: Photograpy - Pictures are worth a thousand words — Mac @ 11:16 PM

Gotta love those kitties! Aren’t they cute, cute, cute!  Never thought I’d ever be so excited about cats. I’m a dog person…born and raised. But for now I’m definitely a cat person. Shhhh, don’t tell the dogs, or their people.

Our daughter’s cats, Oliver and Shakespeare, are living with us. We weren’t so sure how that was going to go. But they won us over with their personalities. Oliver is loving and very social. If we can’t find him we just look for his Mama, he’s never far behind. Shakespeare puts on that typical aloof cat-like exterior, but really he’s a big Mama’s boy, who just adores his cuddle time. And if we can’t find him we just look in the dryer or a kitchen cabinet. Life has gotten pretty interesting around here.

We took a photography lesson with Bree that changed our lives! Really! She taught us how to work with natural light. We are now a no flash family! Thanks to our favorite photographer, Bree of Brienne Michelle Photography.


We have a lot of practice ahead of us, but we’re sure having fun looking for that perfect shot. I’ll tell ya turning off the flash and auto setting on your camera can be life changing. Try it! I dare ya!


2 Responses to “Feline Friends”

  1. Tracey Says:

    aaawwww….those are cute kitties!!

  2. Poppi Says:

    Wow! Great start … love them kitties!

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